When I saw this line for the first time I felt like I was living in Paris and have not seen the Eiffel Tower. A perfect couloir on the west face of her majesty the Matterhorn was just around the corner.

Me and Dominik went for a look a few days later and climbed 1/3 of the way up but the weather got cloudy and the snow stayed hard so we down climbed and had a nice playful run on spring snow lower down.

The season after I still felt like the couloir was rideable and the line looked amazing, You don’t get a clean entrance from the top but the environment of the location definitely makes up for it. After seeing a photo that a  friend took from a heli flight during those days we went for it, only to meet this monster bergschrund at the exit.

This definitely shook us down and we knew that a fall could have the worst consequences with this thing at the bottom. We spotted a clear exit point that didn’t need abseiling on the way down.

After scrambling around a tricky boulder section to avoid the bergschrund we started to realize how steep the terrain really was.

Step after step we gained our way to the top and felt exhausted by the time we got there. I improvised a relaxing anchor and pretty soon the time had come to get rid of the fears and drop in. The snow had softened to the sun in an unheaven way which made it tricky. Actually, I have never had so much doubt in my head before dropping in.

We did take it really conservative for the first 200m and only when the snow loosed a bit more so did we and started really enjoying the descent and turning . The second half of the couloir with the small jump over the bergschrund followed by a fast exit turned out to be a lot of fun.

It is probably one of the most striking couloirs in Zermatt (there aren’t that many around here) but the exposure is great and the risk very high so I don’t think I will repeat this line any time soon.