When you see this face you immediately feel like skiing it.

Its beautiful and the narrow steep start into the larger and gradually flatter bottom face make it a super fun line to ride.

No lifts, no crowds,this is a pure backcountry line where you need to start at dawn and manage your stamina well , unless you’re doing 2000m uphill every second day for fun like Glenn Parson.In wich case you can start at 8.00 and catch up with the slow guys around 11.30 :-) This is what what happened the first time we went up here.

The feeling of being greeted by the early morning sun is always warm and rewarding. The wilderness of the valley is also astonishing.

As you work out your way to the bottom of the couloir you get some pristine glacier views and might even ear some screams from euphoric Sundays skiers who got heli dropped into Aschi.

Stuart (Foggy) showing us some graceful kickturns.

The push for couloir definitely puts the test on your fitness level. The thought of dropping down half way up might cross your mind but dont listen and just keep going.

The last few hundread meters everyone is feeling wasted but the fact you can see the end of it makes it mentally much easier to keep walking despite the latic acid building on your legs.

Once at the top we were blessed with an amazing view towards the north face of the Matterhorn. For me it is the highlight of this tour so I decided not to post a photo so I don’t spoil your hike…. :-) Ohh yeah the 600m drop in dry powder is also not bad.

Some people might argue that this is too much effort for the way down and that the couloir is not steep enough and theyre right but its still better than touring up on crowded slope to come down on a crowded lift

If you look well you can find some fun lines that will bring you down straight to the walking path towards trift hotel.