Winter 2015 was a sketchy one in Zermatt but during the end of the season things settled a bit and we went east to check out the Tyndall couloir.

We were busy catching up to a slow start after I had some issues with my new skins. We quickly made up time by choosing a more direct but steeper traverse.

The timing was still good but as we approached Torre Castelfranco the wind picked up a lot! Like really a lot. We reached a platform on top of the entrance and I went on a recognition rappel. Pretty soon I found  a trustworthy anchor and thought that lower down the wind would probably settle down a bit.

The waiting for Charlie at the anchor turned out to be quite long since communication was impossible and he could not feel the rope coming tight as a signal to come towards me.

Eventually we abseiled the 15m cliff and slowly started getting a view of the amazing couloir ahead of us. Conditions got better and better and we got dry snow all the way to the bottom which was unexpected considering it was April.

We felt the spring again as we reached Macugnaga and with some ice still hanging on my face we looked for a place in the sun and bought panini before heading up to Monte Moro.

A few joyful turns and you are left with this long ass traverse to the end of the dam which as we found out can be a real pain in slippery conditions.

As for the exit of the tunnel above the mattmark sea, you might have to play marmotte and shovel your way out.