What a surprise when we saw this line from the top of Torre Castelfranco. A perfect line down to Macugnaga in our back door. We walked there on reconissance tour and didnt exepect to to get anything but when we saw this we couldt turn back.

Some wet slides from the big rock faces above the couloir were threatening our descent but luckily they took most of the snow with them and we felt that there was nothing too big left that could fall onto our heads, so i dropped in to check the conditions.

The top part was still on dry powder which felt great to ride, and geeting sluffed by Charlie and Kara was totally worthed.

Kara was imprssively very relaxed even if this was her first tour with us, she calmely sat down and took her time to snap some of these pictures.

It was almot too good to be true and soon we were facing the crux.

The dry powder had vanished has one of the earlier slides swept down most of the powder in the steepest and narrowest section.

We were left with ten meters of thin ice before the two meters drop and more ice on the landing. hmhmmhmm!

Hitting a rock with an ice screw to clear a very thin crack where i could jam a piece of cordelette felt pretty desperate but it worked and we abseiled past the ice.

The bottom section soon turned into spring snow and with big smiles we carved our ways to the bottom greeting two Italian skiers walking their way up and seemed preetty surprised to see us.

Winter 2012 was really cold and we foud the Mattmark lake covered in a thick layer of ice giving the surroundings a kind of lunar atmosphere .

Exhausted and cold but with genuinly happy faces we made it to Saas –Almagell and later in the evening back to Zermatt for burgers and drinks.

Tuket we look forward to ride you again...!