A classic in Europe and probably the most skied glacier tour in Zermatt.

Sometimes skiable from Jannurary til May. The easy and relatively flat approach makes it almost a half day tour since if everything goes smoothly you make it back to furri for lunch time.

Its northern exposure keeps the snow dry and light for long periods after a snowfall. Like on every glacier things can change quite dramatically from season to season and sometimes you even noticed differences in ice formations from week to week

I once got asked by a French speaking man on slalom skis: Izz derre many crevasses hier..?
I havent count them but sure there are loads of them.

As you make your way down there are plenty of good photo oppoutunities.

Charlie putting some carves on a perfect day.

The way out can be a fun ride trough narrow canyons and ice fromatios until you reach the end of the glacier. It works well a board most days but bringing out the poles really helps.

Its a nightmare on snowshoes but hey who snowshoes naymore these days. Get your split on!

Laura Krohn from DK making her way out.