A classic in Europe and probably the most skied glacier tour in Zermatt.

Myself breaking trail in a very deep day.
Snow conditions can get pretty epic on this area.

Its northern exposure keeps the snow dry and light for long periods after a snowfall. Like on every glacier things can change quite dramatically from season to season and sometimes you even noticed differences in ice formations from week to week.

Even if this tour is very trafficked stopping at wrong spots could definitely send you deeper than you wish into the glacier.

As you make your way down there are plenty of good photo opportunities.

The way out can be a fun ride through narrow canyons and ice formations until you reach the end of the glacier. It works well on a board most days but you will need your poles.

It is a nightmare on snowshoes but hey, who is still snowshoeing these days.

Every year the ice formations change at the bottom of the glacier and you can find some amazing ice caves like this one