Schwärxe aka Tomis Bowl

A more exiciting a less crowded alternative to the schwarztor.

You can get a great view of this beatifull lines from Gornergrat. Due to glaciers retrieving fast Tommis bowl is completly glacier free.

I first rode this with charlie in 2012 during one of our learning by doing splitboard adventures.

The entrance into the first face for me is one of the scariest lines, even if itis easy to ride it rolls in very slowly which makes it impossible to get a view of the face right until your all ready on the steepest part.

Its a big face which most times after a snowfall gets wind affected, i have only got it once on perfect conditions. So usually you get a fair amount of sluff. Knowing this and beeing goofy i usually take a fast left cut to set off the sluff. The danger is if you would get caught in the slide it would bring you down fast into 30m drop onto the zwillingsgletscher.

The Bowl has quite a few options on it,from very steep until pretty flat.

So here its up to you, some people avoid the first scary drop by riding the normal way down schwarztor and then skining back up to Tomis Bowl.

The steep sections of the bowl usually require abseiling unless ist phenomal winter which rarely hapens this days.

Charlie on the steeper faces of Tomis Bowl

The Northwest exposure keeps the snow nice and dry for long periods after a snowfall. Even if the terrain isnt super consistent, since all tree drops are separated by small flat sections, its always a great day out here.

And when you think the fun is over you still get one last treat.. this nice couloir that drops straight into the glacier.

Some skiers prefer to traverse out left into steep rocky terrain to gain some time or just for the fun of traversing who knows...