While walking down the street I met a local guide who asked if I wanted to join them on the Marinelli the next day. Ya Siiicher:)

After an impressive flight and smooth landing right on Top of Silbersattel we were greeted by mountain-wilderness members who were not so impressed with our arrival.

Quickly we started rappelling into a friendlier environment and mountain guide Thomas Zumtaugwald (Turbo) set a second rappel station and I was the lucky one to go down first.

We couldn’t have asked for better snow.

Carefully we went through the mid section with seracs the size of a car and soon we were standing on top of the last and biggest face.

For not being out of breath me and Charlie were given the fast tracks.

We thankfully accepted and started attacking the face. The snow conditions were perfect, so good that we didn’t stop until we met the big Bergschrund at the end.

After a tricky exit through the glacier the guides gracefully traversed their way out and we sweated and cursed our splitboards until the restaurant. (still on soft boots)

We were a bit in a rush to skin back to Saas over the Montemoro but it quickly vanished as the pilot offered to fly us back to Torre Castelfranco after lunch.

Big Thanks to our guides Fabi Lauber, Thomas Zumtaugwald and Roberto for the unforgettable day.

- What a day!!