Edelweiss Couloir

Rarely in good conditions, but when it works your in for an amazing ride!

Your standing right above zermatt with a 600m drop below you that starts with an exicting narroewer steep section that gradually mellow out towards the valley.

It doesnt go unoticed from Zermatt or the sunnega side as its a pretty striking line.

Storys were heard of early freeriders in zermatt like Jorg Johannes who skied it on telemarks in 1996.

I had pleasure to ski this couloir for the first time with Simon Anthamatten after a flight to Aeshi. I have hiked the couloir twice since on my own after the next snow fall on perfect powder conditions.

It goes well on vert snowshoes for snowboarders but bootpacking might turn tricky on the steeper sections with grassy ground and some people prefer going around on flater terrain.