Waited for years to get the right conditions on this one, but it was well worth in the end.
We skied down the Schwarztor in perfect powder conditions.
During Winter 17-18 some of the biggest amounts of snow were recorded from the last 30 years.

From the hut upwards it is a long and cruisy skin up, it’s never very steep so it actually flows really well until the Satteltole.

Once we were up on the ridge it started to get more interesting.
If you want to ski on powder conditions there are big chances that the ridge is a little icy from the winds up high.

A few screws were needed to make us feel safer on the way up.
The ridge felt surprisingly long with some beautiful sections that invite you to climb and not forget you are up high.

Its is a beautiful climb where we found no need to use pro, there many good rocks where to rope belay from.

Needless to say the view is breathtaking from the top.

Even though we felt pretty tired the down climb went really well for me and Alfonso considering we kind of met at the sattel and decided to rope up together there.

Skiing perfect powder all the way down to the hut felt quite unreal and made us all wonder how great it feels to skimo.