Bosentrift Couloirs

When we spotted these couloirs while touring up to the Rimpfischorn in 2013, we knew we had to go and ride them.

Here a view of the couloirs in late spring.

After being blessed with decent amounts of snow for the third consecutive season and some google Earth research we put the skins on and went for it.

The way up the west ridge of the Oberrothorn is quite easy and mellow and gives an astonishing view of Zermatt, but while we were absorbed in this magical moment we heard a loud noise coming from the village… it was a big slab of snow detaching from grassy ground close to the Edelweiss couloir.

We didn’t feel reassured at all after witnessing that and trudged on in silence for a while.

While trying to push left to climb straight up to the entry, we faced super slippery rock underneath the snowpack and were forced to climb up through waist-deep snow and then back down again to reach the entrance.

I thought that by the looks of the ridge, it was going to be tricky reaching the desired spot. Luckily, though, I had packed quite a bit of climbing gear and it turned to be very useful once we encountered sections of loose and slabby rock with almost no grip.

— Here a view of the couloirs which is at the lowest point of the ridge

We ended up abseiling the last 10m into the entrance on a questionable nut-placement, but once we took our first look at the couloir, we knew it was all worth it. Perfect powder conditions were waiting for us.

The couloir rides very well and there was plenty of space for some deep powder turns all the way to Täschalp. It’s probably one of the nicest couloirs in Zermatt - but sharpen your crampons if you go looking for powder here!